The islands of the Azores differ from one another and each has its own individual charm.

There is also diversity in their soils, which is reflected in the wines they produce, each has its own special character.


Their volcanic origin gives the terrain some specific properties which are linked to the phase of volcanic activity that created them, from the volcanic crust, the “lajido” lava flows, to the sandy areas with ash deposits.
These unique terrains, combined with the influence of the sea, the latitude and the dedicated manual labor create unique wines with distinct characters.

FAIAL ISLAND – Volcanic ash and lavafow


The land, where ashes from the eruption were deposited 62 years ago, is characterised by a unique mineral composition, associated with excellent drainage and with a special microclimate


Vines are planted in the lajido, the lava crust formed overcenturies following the eruption of the volcano. They have low production levels which are characterised by a high quality.