The 9 islands of volcanic origin that make up the archipelago in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean are one of the last, unspoilt natural wonders in Europe.

In 2015, the Azores were voted “the most beautiful place in the world” by the Dutch and Belgian edition of National Geographic.


The extraordinary beauty and variety of nature, the biodiversity and the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in breath-taking landscapes, in total harmony and safety, make it a sustainable haven. The islands are the ideal destination for adventurous travellers who love nature, offering a host of activities on both land and at sea, including: trekking, whale watching, surfing, swimming with dolphins and those who visit will be welcomed like a special guest by the locals.

Adega do Vulcão offers visitors the opportunity to “experience wine” by visiting our vineyards, taking part in the harvest and tasting our wines in the beautiful settings where they were grown.