Pè do Monte
DO PICO Reserva 2018


Produced from native varieties in old vineyards, between 70 and 80 years old, in the “lajidos” of the Criação Velha. The vineyards yield low productivity and all the work is done manually.

A meticulous selection of the grapes is made on site, grapes are quickly transported in small boxes to the “adega” and processed in vertical press with the use of inertization. The wine was subject to a pre-fermentative maceration and then fermented in refrigerated cement vats with subsequent ageing for 23 months. It is a numbered edition of 1624 bottles. This wine will be a landmark of Azorean wine.

IG Açores 2019


A perfect mix of grapes from the Capelinhos area on the island of Faial – the site of the volcanic ash eruption in 1957 – and from the “lajidos” of the Criação Velha in Pico Island, which gives a wine a unique balance.

The wine was fermented and aged in cement for 4 months in a French oak tunnel without toast.

Terra Brum
DO PICO Reserva 2018


Produced from a selected area of the vineyards of the Solar Terra Brum, located in Areia Larga, on the island of Pico, from old vines of native varieties.

This wine fermented in refrigerated cement vats with subsequent ageing for 23 months. The Solar Terra Brum has an ancient history dating back to 1796, when its frst owner, Morgado José Francisco da Terra Brum, began to intensively exploit for wine production its lands that extended from Areia Larga to São Mateus.

IG Açores 2018


Two islands, Faial and Pico, two different volcanic soils for an absolutely unique wine.

Produced from native grapes grown in two different areas, each with its own special “uniqueness”, the volcanic ash of the Capelinhos and the basaltic mantle of Criação Velha with the intense influence of the North Atlantic Ocean.

DO PICO Reserva 2017


Rola-Pipa comes from the unique combination of native varieties, volcanic soil and Atlantic climate.

Ancient vines are planted in the crust of the lava mantle, protected from the ocean winds by walls of basaltic stone. The historic viticultural area of the “Lajido da Criação Velha” with its extraordinary beauty produces a heroic wine that expresses a unique terroir and results from natural vinification methods. Harvested by hand, pressed and fermented using indigenous yeasts, aged in cement tulips for 18 months on its lees. Aged in bottle for 6 months before release to the market.